What planet do they come from?

2009-01-23 20:25:21 by Blackharrier32


I know that I usually post one long blog a day rather than multiple shorties, but I saw this and I had to comment.

Mariah Carey. We all know she's maybe not the brightest bulb ever shoved on stage, but this has to be a new low. She left Obama's inauguration ceremony before it had begun, because she was asked to sit with the other celebrities in the VIP area. Why was this unacceptable?

She thought she should be sitting with Obama's family.


Today's phoenix is green, this time for Mariah's envy...

EDIT: I'm linking you the article.
EDIT 2: Fixed the link, the article was moved. Apologies to those who clicked and got nowhere :(

What planet do they come from?


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2009-01-23 20:31:07

She what?

(Updated ) Blackharrier32 responds:

Uh-huh. Not only that, but she was "furious" - check the link, it has to be seen to be believed...


2009-01-23 20:46:12

sounds pretty homo

Blackharrier32 responds:

I wouldn't insult the gay community by associating them with that level of stupidity.


2009-01-23 21:38:10

She's crazy.-_-

Blackharrier32 responds:

Crazy? Ignorant? Arrogant? Stupid?
Cast your votes, everyone!

(On Mariah, not me. We'll have that vote somewhere else to prevent confusion)


2009-01-24 15:24:09

Blah blah. lol.

She's kind of... stupid? But, I can understand why she might want to sit with the Obama family.

Blackharrier32 responds:

I'm sure we'd all WANT to, but unfortunately we don't have the right. And neither does she.


2009-01-25 18:29:31

If there was pie in the sky, I would surly die.

Blackharrier32 responds:

Wouldn't you be much better off trying to get the pie?