Rushed post.

2009-01-26 19:38:20 by Blackharrier32

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No time for a long blog :( So I thought I'd post a cool video instead, featuring a cameo from two people you guys just might know :)


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2009-01-26 19:44:10

Wow, you seem to be a somewhat active '09 user!

I see you've figured out how to achieve every stat quite well!
Keep working at them, and soon.. you could achieve something BIG!!

Blackharrier32 responds:

Thank you kindly :)


2009-01-27 17:47:45

Ah nice. I agree with the other dude.

Blackharrier32 responds:

Thanks, all support appreciated :)


2009-01-27 17:54:08

I just have to say... that movie is awesome! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOLOL XD I'm not funny... :(


Blackharrier32 responds:

To be fair, getting as far as the third comment before an MGA quote appeared was further than I thought :)


2009-01-29 18:47:35

wow...thats epic

Blackharrier32 responds:

Well said.