2009-02-08 10:54:20 by Blackharrier32

Haven't been on for the last couple of days, due to my theatre company's production of Hamlet keeping me away from the computer. Here's a nice pic of the producer (aka ME) going to sword to sword with the director while we were clearing up at the end. Originally it was to be a straightforward fencing contest, but when I saw him don the flag of Denmark and pick up a carbine, I felt compelled to grab a camo' hat and shotgun.



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2009-02-08 13:14:39

On guard

Blackharrier32 responds:

Have at!


2009-02-09 18:15:31

Sounds like that was fun.Also I want that hat.

Blackharrier32 responds:

Oh, it was :D And yes, it's an impressive hat. Needless to say, I "borrowed" it from a colleague.


2009-02-10 15:27:49


Blackharrier32 responds:

Eloquent as ever, I see =)


2009-02-14 22:48:45

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"

I'm more of a Macbeth fan myself.

Blackharrier32 responds:

Indeed an apt quote.

I'm currently studying Macbeth, as it happens.
"False face must hide what false heart doth know."

I plan to adapt it to a modern language script.