Voice Acting Updates, etc...

2009-07-02 16:23:38 by Blackharrier32

Well then, my voice acting demo got approved by the audio portal mods (thanks guys) so it's finally online . . . aaaaand I've already decided to change it. Seems that the version I submitted was the version without the pops filtered out and the effects added to my alien voice, so it's a bit disappointing :(

Nonetheless, the demo is there in raw form if anyone wants to listen to it. Hopefully the new and an enhanced demo will be up before long, perhaps with Creative Commons music added this time. I have a version of the current demo with music already, but I wouldn't post that here due to potential licensing issues.

So, works in progress: I've recorded and sent dialogue to one Flash artist who is currently building his movie, and I'm waiting on the script for a Flash game so that I can get started on that. See how I managed to update you on how things were going without naming names and thus putting people under pressure? :)

I'm always open to working on new projects, so if anyone has something in the works that they need voiceovers for, send me a script or a project outline and I'll see if I can help :)


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Keep looking, youll find it!

Blackharrier32 responds:

I don't give up, have no fear of that!