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Production wrap-up.

2009-08-10 20:43:07 by Blackharrier32

Well, my amateur theatre company's latest production has just come to a close (the snappily-titled "Lovers(Winners) and Grievance", one being a very famous play and the other being a new one) and things went absolutely swimmingly. Not the largest attendance we've ever had across three nights, but given that we were competing with shows opening in two other much larger theatres in the same week (one being a fully-professional production of Lovers and the other being friggin' Annie - who wants to compete with Annie?) we did pretty well to bring in as many as we did. Performances across the nights were impressive for the most part (our lead actress in particular was awesome), and from my own point of view I thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with three professional actors that had far more experience than myself but had absolutely no problem accepting me as one of their own, it was a wonderful team to be able to work with really.

Below is (a fairly low-quality version of) the poster that we created for the production. Roll on the next play from Blackthorn Theatre Company!

Production wrap-up.


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2009-08-10 22:45:56

This makes MORE AGNRY!

Blackharrier32 responds:

Most things tend to do that, from what I can see.


2009-08-11 14:00:17